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    What is a Dog Bite Lawsuit Loan and How Does it Work in Michigan?

    A lawsuit loan, also known as pre-settlement funding, is a cash advance given to plaintiffs who are currently involved in a legal battle. In this context, we’ll focus on a specific type of legal case – a dog bite injury lawsuit in the state of Michigan.

    Here’s how it works: If you have suffered an injury from a dog bite and filed a lawsuit against the dog owner or the responsible party, you might find that the legal process can take a long time – often several months, even years. During this time, you may struggle with meeting your regular expenses and medical bills that result from the injury.

    This is where a company like LawsuitLoans.iocomes in. They provide financial relief by advancing a portion of your potential settlement through a dog bite lawsuit loan. You can use this money to help cover your living expenses and medical costs while you wait for your legal case to resolve.

    One of the best things about a dog bite lawsuit loan in Michigan is that it is non-recourse. This means if for some reason you do not win your case, you do not need to repay the loan. It’s a risk-free financial cushion that gives you peace of mind as you await the resolution of your case.

    To apply, simply visit the LawsuitLoans.io funding application page or call their toll free number (866) 594-1343. The application process is simple, and you could have the funds in your account within 24 hours of approval.

    How Lawsuit Loans Work

    Here’s how the lawsuit loan process works in three easy steps. The entire process can be completed within 24 hours with your attorney’s help.

    Telephone Icon - Starting the process is easy, just apply online or call toll free

    Apply Online or Call Toll-Free

    Apply online or call us toll-free at (866) 594-1343. Submitting your application takes minutes.

    Review Icon - We quickly review your legal case.

    We Review Your Case

    Next, we contact your law firm and collect basic information to review your case. Review only takes a few hours.

    Money Bag Icon - Once we approve your case, you and your attorney sign the contract and you get cash the same day

    You Receive Funds

    You and your attorney review and sign our funding contract. Once complete, you can have funds within hours.

    How Much Funding Can I Get From my Premises Liability Lawsuit Advance?

    Lawsuit loans on slip and fall claims from LawsuitLoans.io can range from $500 to over $1,000,000. We can advance up to a maximum of 25% of your expected part of the settlement if your case is still ongoing. For concluded personal injury cases, we can offer up to 50% of your predicted part of the settlement.

    For example, let’s consider a plaintiff in Michigan who is pursuing a dog bite claim. This individual was attacked by a dog while walking on the street near their apartment. The case is valued at an estimated $200,000. They are still seeking treatment for their injuries and the case may take another year to resolve.

    As a general rule, medical providers can expect about 1/3 of the settlement while the attorney might receive another 1/3. So, the plaintiff would get, in this scenario, around $65,000 from their lawsuit. As such, we could advance them around 25% of this, meaning $16,000.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Injury

    Experiencing a dog bite can be distressing. To ensure your wellbeing, and protect your rights to compensation, follow these steps:

    • Seek Medical Attention: Prioritize your health after such an incident. Visit a healthcare professional for proper care treatment. Besides taking care of the wound, medical records are also crucial for legal cases.
    • Report the Incident to Animal Control: Reporting the dog bite helps warn others about a possibly dangerous dog in the neighborhood. It can be a vital step towards avoiding future incidents.
    • Document Your Injuries: Capture clear photos of your injuries and maintain all medical reports. This factual evidence is helpful when claiming for damages.
    • Contact Competent Local Legal Counsel: Seek the services of a skilled attorney who specializes in personal injury lawsuits. They can guide you through the legal procedures and ensure your maximum compensation. Consider reaching out to LawsuitLoans.io for funding support during this process.

    Get an Instant Quote

    Input your requested funding amount and the time your case may take to settle here to see your savings and cost when you choose LawsuitLoans.io. While we sometimes offer interest rates as low as 2.5%, our calculator assumes an interest rate of 2.9%. This calculator is illustrative – please contact us for an instant, written quote for your request.

    Advance Amount:

    Months Until Settlement:


    Total Cost

    Pay as little as $2,631 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Your Savings

    Save as much as $1,697 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Percent Savings

    Save as much as 39% on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.

    Am I Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan on my Michigan Dog Bite Claim?

    If you’ve suffered from a dog bite incident in Michigan and filed a personal injury lawsuit, you’ve probably faced some financial hurdles. During this time, a lawsuit loan from LawsuitLoans.io may come in handy. Here we’ll outline the main requirements you need to meet to qualify for such a loan.

    The foremost eligibility criterion for a lawsuit loan is having a valid legal claim against an insured defendant. In other words, the person responsible for your injuries should have insurance coverage. This allows us to recover the loan amount when your case settles or reaches a judgement in court.

    Secondly, it’s important to have an attorney representing you on a contingency basis. A contingency fee agreement means that your lawyer gets paid only if you win your case. This assures us that a legal professional has evaluated your case and deemed it likely to succeed, providing us with assurance of repayment.

    Last but not least, you have to be at least 18 years old to qualify for a lawsuit loan. This is because minors don’t legally have the capacity to enter into contracts.

    If you meet all these criteria, feel free to apply online via our LawsuitLoans.io funding application or call us on our toll-free number (866) 594-1343 for more information.

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    What are the Dog Bite Injury Laws in Michigan?

    In Michigan, dog owners are typically held strictly liable for dog bite injuries. This means if a dog bites someone, the owner is legally responsible even if they didn’t know their canine could be dangerous. In other states, an owner may only be liable if they knew their dog was dangerous (the “one-bite rule”). However, Michigan law makes the owner accountable the first time their dog bites someone.

    There might be exceptions to this rule in specific situations. For instance, if the injured person was trespassing or provoking the dog at the time of the biting incident, the owner may not be held liable for the injury.

    Legally seeking damages for dog bite injuries can be complex. The outcome can depend on different factors such as whether the dog owner had knowledge of the dog’s dangerous behavior and whether the injured person played a role in the attack.

    To understand more about how to proceed with your dog bite injury claim in Michigan, feel free to visit our website LawsuitLoans.io or reach out to us at our toll-free phone number (866) 594-1343. Our application page is available at LawsuitLoans.io funding application.

    LawsuitLoans.io’s Dog Bite Injury Loan Process

    For plaintiffs involved in dog bite or attack lawsuits, securing funds through lawsuit loans can be an effective option.

    The process of accessing these loans takes only five main steps:

    1. Apply online: Access the LawsuitLoans.io funding application and fill out your details.
    2. We contact your law firm: LawsuitLoans.io contacts your law firm to discuss the details of your case, including your represented charges and expectation for resolution.
    3. We review your case: Our team of expert legal advisors will evaluate the lawsuit you’re involved with.
    4. You sign a contract: Following successful review, you’ll sign a contract which states your agreement to repay the pre-settlement funding upon winning your lawsuit. This is typically handled electronically, speeding up the process and avoiding delays.
    5. You get funds: Once the contract is signed and received, funds are finally transferred directly to your account. You are now free to use the money to cover necessary expenses while waiting for your court case to conclude.

    As an example, consider Mr. Plaintiff, who has recently suffered from a dog bite injury. Mr. Plaintiff files a claim against the dog’s owner and begins to deal with significant medical bills – even before his lawsuit is resolved. Applying for a lawsuit loan through LawsuitLoans.io, he follows the above steps. He submits the necessary information to our review panel. After a thorough analysis, his pre-settlement funds get approved. Following a quick digital signup, he receives his funds directly to his chosen bank account. With this financial security blanket, Mr. Plaintiff can confidently proceed with his recovery without fretting over accumulating bills.

    Get $500 – $100,000 as soon as today

    We understand that if you’re applying for funding with us, you needed the funding yesterday. With your attorney’s cooperation, we can provide funding as soon as the same day you apply with us.

    What Can I Use the Money From My Lawsuit Loan For?

    If you are a plaintiff waiting for your legal case to settle, you might be wondering how you can use the funds from a lawsuit loan. The good news is, a lawsuit loan from LawsuitLoans.io can provide financial help for a number of different expenses.

    One common use for the money is to cover living expenses. This could include your rent or mortgage, utility bills, grocery bills, and transportation costs. In short, the funds can help ensure that you can maintain your current standard of living, even as you await the outcome of your legal case.

    Lawsuit loans can also be used for medical expenses. This may be especially relevant if your case involves personal injury. You can use the funds from the loan to pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, physical therapy, and other medical costs related to your case.

    However, it’s important to note that there is one restriction on how you can use the funds from a lawsuit loan. You cannot use the money from the loan to cover litigation or legal case expenses. While it may seem counterintuitive, this aligns with ethical rules and professional conduct standards in the legal profession. These rules aim to prevent conflicts of interest and keep the focus on the client’s needs and best interests.

    In conclusion, a lawsuit loan can be a lifeline during a stressful time. It offers plaintiffs like you financial flexibility and helps alleviate the worry of making ends meet while awaiting the resolution of your case.

    Most Common Personal Injury Claims we Fund in Michigan

    We fund a variety of personal injury cases in Michigan. These cases include:

    • Car accidents: These claims often involve injuries from road incidents involving cars.
    • Commercial vehicle accidents: In these incidents, commercial vehicles like trucks or buses cause injuries.
    • Any other roadway accident: Accidents on the road don’t only involve cars and commercial vehicles. We provide funding for any kind of roadway incident causing harm.
    • Premises liability claims: These are cases where a person is injured on the property of another party due to negligence.
    • Medical malpractice: This involves health care providers failing to meet professional standards of care, causing injury to their patients.
    • Work injuries: These claims usually include cases where workers receive injuries at their workplace.
    • Slip and fall claims: These occur when a person slips, trips or falls due to dangerous conditions on somebody else’s property.
    • Dog bite lawsuits: These legal claims mostly involve injuries by dogs, owned by another person.
    • Wrongful death claims: These claims involve a case where the wrongful conduct of a person leads to the death of another person.
    • Police misconduct: This refers to cases where police officers violate the rights of individuals leading to harm.

    We provide funding for almost all types of personal injury claims in the state of Michigan. For more information, feel free to apply.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Why Choose LawsuitLoans.io for Legal Funding on Your Dog Bite Injury Legal Claim?

    When dealing with a dog bite injury legal claim, getting the funds you need can be a stressful process. This is where LawsuitLoans.io comes in. We prioritize your needs and work to provide financial assistance promptly with a simple, straightforward approach. Let’s discuss a few reasons why you should consider us for your legal funding needs.

    Low, Simple Rates

    At LawsuitLoans.io, we offer competitive rates starting as low as 2.5% per month. With such low rates, we aim to lighten your financial burden and make the loan repayment process easier for you.

    Fast Approval Process

    We understand how crucial time is when you are dealing with a legal case. That’s why we aim to approve your application as soon as the same day, making our service one of the quickest in the legal funding industry.

    Capped Repayment Terms

    We know that lengthy repayment terms can add stress to your life. At LawsuitLoans.io, we cap our repayment terms, meaning interest stops accruing after a certain date. This way, you won’t be paying incessantly for years, potentially draining your finances.

    Client-First Approach

    Here at LawsuitLoans.io, our clients are our top priority. We take a client-first approach to legal funding, treating every customer with respect and understanding. We are dedicated to providing you with a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.

    Michigan Pre-settlement Funding FAQs

    If you are a Michigan resident with legal claims, you may have questions about your potential settlement. Here, we will answer some of the commonly asked questions related to dog bite cases in Michigan.

    How much compensation can you get for a dog bite in Michigan?

    The amount of compensation from a dog bite case can vary greatly depending on several factors. These can include the severity of your injury, your medical expenses, lost wages, and the negative effect on your life. Each case is unique, so it’s important to get a lawyer to provide a more accurate estimate based on your particular situation.

    How long does a dog bite injury settlement take in Michigan?

    The length of a dog bite injury settlement can also vary from case to case. Some cases may be resolved in a matter of months, while others may take several years, depending on the complexity of the case and the willingness of both parties to reach an agreement. It’s important to prepare for the potential wait and consider pre-settlement funding options like LawsuitLoans.io provides.

    Does Michigan have the one-bite rule?

    No, Michigan does not have the one-bite rule. In Michigan, an owner can be held liable the first time their dog bites someone, even if they had no reason to believe the dog was dangerous. This is known as “strict liability”.

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