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    What are Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loans and How Do They Work in New Jersey

    A wrongful death lawsuit loan, also known as pre-settlement funding, is a type of financial support given to plaintiffs who are involved in wrongful death lawsuits. In essence, it is a cash advance that provides while you wait for your wrongful death lawsuit to resolve in court. It can provide a critical lifeline to help maintain your financial stability during this challenging period.

    Here’s how it works: after applying, will evaluate your case. If approved, you get the funds you need upfront. The repayment happens only if you win your case or reach a settlement. If you lose, you won’t owe anything back – making this a risk-free option.

    For instance, consider a situation where a plaintiff named John, a resident of New Jersey, loses his wife due to medical malpractice. He sues the responsible party and is awaiting settlement. His daily life might be overwhelmed by not only emotional distress but also financial burden, especially if he relied on his wife’s income. A wrongful death lawsuit loan could help John manage his finances while he pursues justice for his wife.

    Wrongful death lawsuits, especially those involving complex cases in densely populated areas like New Jersey, often take a very long time to resolve. This duration can stretch into years, which escalates the financial strain on the plaintiff. With the help of a wrongful death lawsuit loan from, plaintiffs like John get the much-needed financial boost to navigate this tough situation more comfortably.

    How Lawsuit Loans Work

    Here’s how the lawsuit loan process works in three easy steps. The entire process can be completed within 24 hours with your attorney’s help.

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    Apply Online or Call Toll-Free

    Apply online or call us toll-free at (866) 594-1343. Submitting your application takes minutes.

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    We Review Your Case

    Next, we contact your law firm and collect basic information to review your case. Review only takes a few hours.

    Money Bag Icon - Once we approve your case, you and your attorney sign the contract and you get cash the same day

    You Receive Funds

    You and your attorney review and sign our funding contract. Once complete, you can have funds within hours.

    Types of Wrongful Death Cases

    A wrongful death lawsuit can be a stressful and complex legal matter. Nothing replaces the loss of a loved one, but this type of suit can provide financial aid to the surviving family members. Essentially, a wrongful death lawsuit allows relatives to seek damages from the responsible party for causing someone’s premature death due to negligence or intentional harm.

    There are different types of wrongful death cases. Here are some typical examples:

    Motor Vehicle Accidents

    The majority of these cases arise from car, truck or motorcycle accidents where a party’s negligence or unlawful actions result in fatal injuries.

    Medical Malpractice

    These lawsuits occur when a healthcare provider’s negligence, such as misdiagnosis or improper treatment, lead to a patient’s untimely death.

    Workplace Accidents

    Some jobs have inherent risks of injury and death. Industrial and construction-related sectors are particularly prone to accidents. If a company fails to maintain safety standards, resulting in a fatal accident, it may be held liable.

    Product Liability

    Sometimes, a dangerous or defective product can cause death. From malfunctioning car parts to harmful drugs, the companies that made, marketed, or sold these products potentially bear responsibility.

    In any of these wrongful death cases, prompt and reliable legal support is crucial. If you find yourself facing such daunting circumstances, know that help is readily available at or by calling (866) 594-1343.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    New Jersey Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan Information

    If you are pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit in New Jersey, funding can be a major challenge while you wait for the settlement. provides financial support to help manage this tough period. We provide wrongful death lawsuit loans to plaintiffs in New Jersey. Have a look at some of our key statistics below: ‘s average personal injury loan amount in New Jersey $20,585.97
    Largest personal injury loan by in New Jersey $117,096.62 average semi-annual rate for personal injury loans in New Jersey 21.0%
    Preventable fall deaths in New Jersey 613
    Preventable motor vehicle deaths in New Jersey 624
    Preventable deaths – struck by or against in New Jersey 14
    Preventable deaths from other transportation in New Jersey 12
    Preventable deaths from machinery in New Jersey 0
    Preventable firearm deaths in New Jersey 0
    Total injury related preventable deaths in New Jersey 1263
    Wrongful death statute of limitations 2 years from death or discovery in New Jersey.

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    Input your requested funding amount and the time your case may take to settle here to see your savings and cost when you choose While we sometimes offer interest rates as low as 2.5%, our calculator assumes an interest rate of 2.9%. This calculator is illustrative – please contact us for an instant, written quote for your request.

    Advance Amount:

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    Total Cost

    Pay as little as $2,631 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Your Savings

    Save as much as $1,697 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Percent Savings

    Save as much as 39% on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.

    Am I Eligible For a Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan in New Jersey?

    If you’re seeking a wrongful death lawsuit loan in New Jersey, it’s important to understand the eligibility criteria before applying. At the heart of your eligibility is a pending legal case – you must have an active and valid wrongful death claim.

    This claim should be against a party that you believe caused the death of your loved one due to their negligence or malicious action. In addition, you must be legally represented. That means you should be working with an attorney who can guide you through the process and provide essential proof related to your claim.

    Put simply, the primary requirements for a wrongful death loan with are: having a pending wrongful death lawsuit and being represented by an attorney.

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    How Much Money Can I Get From my Wrongful Death Lawsuit Loan?

    Wrongful death lawsuit loans from can range from $500 – $1,000,000+. We can advance up to a maximum of 25% of your expected settlement if your case is still in progress. For settled wrongful death cases, we can offer 50% of your expected portion of the settlement.

    Let’s illustrate this with an example where a New Jersey plaintiff is pursuing a wrongful death claim with a $1,000,000 estimated value. As a general rule of thumb, medical providers get paid around 1/3 of the settlement, the attorney gets another 1/3 of the settlement. As a result, the plaintiff would likely receive around $330,000. We at can advance around 25% of that amount or $82,500


    How Can I Use the Money From my Wrongful Death Loan?

    No doubt, waiting for your wrongful death lawsuit to conclude can be stressful and challenging financially. This is where a wrongful death loan from comes in handy. It is designed to alleviate financial pressures and help you through this difficult time.

    The good news is, these funds are incredibly flexible. You can use your wrongful death loan to pay for day-to-day living expenses such as rent or mortgage payments, utilities, food, car payment, and health insurance. If you have children, it can also cover the costs of their needs like schooling or daycare.

    You can also use the money from your loan for personal expenses. Unplanned medical expenses? Covered. Urgent home repairs cost? Taken care of. Unexpected travel expenses? No problem. Basically, a wrongful death loan can be utilized for any personal expense that helps you maintain your normal life while you’re dealing with the aftermath of your loved one’s loss.

    However, there is one important exception: the loan funds cannot be used to handle litigation or legal case expenses. These expenses may include attorney fees, court filing fees, acquisition of witness statements, and other litigation-related costs.

    Before planning on using your loan funds for these types of expenses, always discuss with your attorney or a legal professional so as to not violate the terms of your loan agreement.

    Get $500 – $100,000 as soon as today

    We understand that if you’re applying for funding with us, you needed the funding yesterday. With your attorney’s cooperation, we can provide funding as soon as the same day you apply with us.

    Our Wrongful Death Loan Process

    At, we aim to make the process of obtaining a wrongful death loan as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. This process generally involves five simple steps:

    1. Apply online: You can start the application process by visiting our funding application page.
    2. We contact your law firm: Once we receive your application, we get in touch with your law firm to discuss the details of your case.
    3. We review your case: After discussing with your law firm, our team of legal experts will review your case to determine if you qualify for a lawsuit loan.
    4. You sign a contract: If approved, we will draw up a contract for you to sign. This contract lays out the terms and conditions of your lawsuit loan.
    5. You get funds: Once you’ve signed the contract, we will transfer the funds to you. You can use these funds for anything you need, including living expenses, medical bills, or case costs.

    To illustrate this process, let’s consider an example of a plaintiff with a personal injury claim. John is waiting for his wrongful death case to resolve, but he is feeling the financial strain of ongoing legal fees and living expenses. He decides to apply for a loan from After filling out the application on our website, we contact his law firm to learn more about his case. Once we review his case and approve the loan, John signs the contract and receives his funds. This helps alleviate his financial stress while he awaits the resolution of his case.

    Why Choose for Pre-settlement and Post-settlement Wrongful Death Loans

    If you’re in need of pre-settlement or post-settlement wrongful death loans, should be your top choice. We pride ourselves on a number of outstanding features that set us apart from others in the industry.

    First, our rates are low and straightforward, starting at just 2.5% per month. We believe in clear pricing without any hidden fees or sudden changes. This commitment to simple, fair rates is one of the key aspects of our client-first approach.

    Additionally, application and approval can happen quickly. In some cases, we can get you approval as soon as the same day you apply. This speed is vital when you’re dealing with a wrongful death lawsuit and need funds to cover expenses as swiftly as possible.

    We also have capped repayment terms. This means your interest stops accruing after a certain date, keeping your total repayment amount within reasonable limits. This is part of our effort to avoid putting additional financial strain on our clients during what’s already a challenging time.

    Finally, we are renowned for our industry leading transparency. We ensure every stage of the process is plainly laid out for our customers and we’re always available to address any questions you may have. Our client-first approach ensures we prioritize your needs and make sure you understand all aspects of the pre-settlement funding process.

    Choose for your wrongful death settlement loans and experience the benefits of working with a company that puts clients first.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Most Common Personal Injury Claims we Fund in New Jersey

    We at pride ourselves on funding a wide range of personal injury claims in New Jersey. Here are some of the most common legal case types that we fund:

    • Car accidents: These are one of the most frequent types of personal injury claims and often result in serious injuries.
    • Commercial vehicle accidents: Incidents involving large trucks, buses, and other commercial vehicles can lead to substantial claims due to the size and weight of these vehicles.
    • Roadway accidents: From pedestrian incidents to motorcycle accidents, any accident that occurs on the roadway is covered.
    • Premises liability claims: This includes situations where injuries occur due to unsafe conditions on someone else’s property.
    • Medical malpractice: We cover cases where healthcare providers have failed to provide standard care resulting in injuries or illness.
    • Work injuries: Workplace injury claims arise when an employee gets hurt on the job and needs compensation for their losses.
    • Slip and fall claims: We support victims who suffer injuries from slipping, tripping, or falling circumstances.
    • Dog bite lawsuits: In New Jersey, dog owners are liable if their pet hurts someone.
    • Wrongful death claims: In unfortunate events where someone’s negligence or intentional action causes the death of another, we provide funding for those cases.
    • Police misconduct: This includes illegal actions or abuses by police officers while performing their duties.

    Apart from these, we are also able to fund almost any personal injury claim. Each case is thoroughly evaluated to ensure it meets our criteria for funding.

    New Jersey Wrongful Death Pre-Settlement Funding FAQs

    Let’s answer some common questions New Jersey residents have about wrongful death pre-settlement funding.

    What qualifies as a wrongful death lawsuit?

    Wrongful death is when someone dies due to the negligence or misconduct of another party. This could be due to car accidents, medical malpractice, workplace accidents, or other situations where someone’s actions, or lack thereof, directly lead to a person’s death. In New Jersey, the executor or administrator of the deceased’s estate usually brings forth the lawsuit.

    Are lawsuit loans worth pursuing?

    A lawsuit loan or pre-settlement funding can be an important financial lifeline for plaintiffs waiting for their wrongful death lawsuits to settle. Legal proceedings can take a long time, and life expenses don’t stop. A lawsuit loan provides financial support, allowing plaintiffs to manage their daily expenses without financial stress. However, it’s crucial to understand the fees and repayment terms before deciding.

    Highest paid wrongful death lawsuit in New Jersey?

    The payouts for wrongful death lawsuits vary on a case-by-case basis. Factors considered include the circumstances of the death, who is responsible, and the damages suffered by the family. One notable case was a $10 million settlement involving a fatal accident at a construction site in 2013. Yet, every case is unique so the payment ranges can differ widely.

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