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    What is a Dog Bite Lawsuit Loan and How Does it Work in Iowa?

    A lawsuit loan, also known as pre-settlement funding, is a financial lifeline for plaintiffs who have ongoing legal cases. Many times, these plaintiffs have personal injury claims such as those resulting from dog bites.

    Waiting for a legal case to resolve can be a long and trying process. For many people in Iowa experiencing this, a lawsuit loan from can bring much-needed financial relief during this time.

    A dog bite lawsuit loan is a cash advance given to the plaintiff in a pending dog bite injury lawsuit. Rather than a traditional loan, it is more of a cash advance against the potential settlement or jury award you may receive at the end of your case.

    Here’s how it works. You apply for the loan by providing details about your case and your attorney. At funding application, you can submit your application online or call their toll-free number (866) 594-1343. If approved, your funds can be available in as little as 24 hours.

    The repayment of the loan hinges on the outcome of your lawsuit. If you win, you repay the loan and the agreed-upon fees out of the settlement or award you receive. If your lawsuit doesn’t result in a favorable outcome, you owe nothing. In other words, if you don’t win, you don’t pay.

    How Lawsuit Loans Work

    Here’s how the lawsuit loan process works in three easy steps. The entire process can be completed within 24 hours with your attorney’s help.

    Telephone Icon - Starting the process is easy, just apply online or call toll free

    Apply Online or Call Toll-Free

    Apply online or call us toll-free at (866) 594-1343. Submitting your application takes minutes.

    Review Icon - We quickly review your legal case.

    We Review Your Case

    Next, we contact your law firm and collect basic information to review your case. Review only takes a few hours.

    Money Bag Icon - Once we approve your case, you and your attorney sign the contract and you get cash the same day

    You Receive Funds

    You and your attorney review and sign our funding contract. Once complete, you can have funds within hours.

    How Much Funding Can I Get From my Premises Liability Lawsuit Advance? typically provides lawsuit advances ranging from $500 to over a $1,000,000 for slip and fall claims. If your case is still underway, we can advance up to a maximum of 25% of your probable share from the settlement. If your personal injury case has been settled, we can offer up to 50% of your expected portion from the settlement.

    Let’s take an example. Suppose you are a plaintiff in Iowa tackling a dog bite claim. This happened while you were walking near your apartment, when suddenly, a dog attacked you. Your case has an estimated worth of $200,000. You are still undergoing treatment for your injuries and it might take another year for the case to resolve.

    In cases like this, typically, medical providers receive around 1/3 of the settlement. Another 1/3 goes to the attorney. As a result, you, as the plaintiff would get approximately $65,000 from the settlement. In such a scenario, we can advance about 25% of that amount, which would be close to $16,000.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Steps to Take After a Dog Bite Injury

    Getting bitten by a dog can be both frightening and harmful. In such instances, it’s crucial to know what steps to follow. Here are the immediate actions to take if you find yourself in this situation:

    1. Seeking Medical Attention

    Your health is paramount. As soon as a dog bite occurs, ensure you get immediate medical attention. Even if the bite seems minor, there could be unseen damage or potential for infection.

    2. Reporting the Incident to Animal Control

    Report the incident to your local animal control agency. This step is vital to safeguard others from a potentially dangerous animal. The officials will document the incident and check the dog for any diseases that may affect you.

    3. Documenting Your Injuries

    Be sure to take accurate and detailed notes of the injury. This includes photographs, medical records, and any related expenses. This documentation is necessary for both your medical provider and any legal claims you might undertake.

    4. Contacting Competent Local Legal Counsel

    Last but not least, consider getting in touch with a trusted local attorney who specializes in personal injury claims, particularly those involving dog bites. They can inform you about your rights and guide you through the process of filing a lawsuit, if needed.

    If you decide to pursue legal action, can help ensure you have financial stability while you wait for your case to resolve. Plus, you can directly apply for pre-settlement funding at our application portal.

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    Input your requested funding amount and the time your case may take to settle here to see your savings and cost when you choose While we sometimes offer interest rates as low as 2.5%, our calculator assumes an interest rate of 2.9%. This calculator is illustrative – please contact us for an instant, written quote for your request.

    Advance Amount:

    Months Until Settlement:


    Total Cost

    Pay as little as $2,631 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Your Savings

    Save as much as $1,697 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Percent Savings

    Save as much as 39% on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.

    Am I Eligible for a Lawsuit Loan on my Iowa Dog Bite Claim?

    To qualify for a lawsuit loan, there are several criteria you must meet. First and foremost, you need to have a valid legal claim. This means that you should have filed a claim against an individual or corporation who is fully insured.

    Secondly, your attorney must be hired on a contingency basis. This means that they only get paid if they win the case and secure you a settlement. This shows us that your attorney is confident in your case and its likelihood of success.

    Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old. This is a standard requirement as minors cannot legally commit to contracts. To confirm your age, we may need to see an official ID like a passport or driver’s license.

    These three criteria form the basic requirements, but remember every case is unique. Therefore, your eligibility may also depend on the specifics of your case.

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    What are the Dog Bite Injury Laws in Iowa?

    Understanding the legal aspects of dog bite injuries can be crucial if you or your loved one gets bitten by a dog. It’s important to know what these specific laws entail, especially in the state of Iowa.

    Mostly, dog owners are strictly liable for any injury or property damage their pet causes. This is true in many states, and Iowa is no exception. Under Section 351.28 of the Iowa Code, the owner of a dog is liable to an injured party for all damages done by the dog, whether the animal was provoked or not.

    In some cases, however, this rule may not apply. If the dog bite occurred while committing a criminal act like trespassing or teasing, provoking or abusing the dog, the injured person may not have a right to recovery. Nonetheless, each situation is unique and should be assessed on its own merits.

    Keep in mind that laws are complex and often change. For detailed questions, it’s always recommended to consult with a professional lawyer who specializes in personal injury law. Remember, even if you are unsure, can provide funding while you wait for your legal case to resolve.’s Dog Bite Injury Loan Process

    For victims of dog bite injuries, legal proceedings can be long and stressful. You may face medical bills and loss of income while waiting for your case to resolve. offers a practical solution: lawsuit loans! This type of loan is specifically designed to support those involved in dog bite or attack lawsuits.

    At, the loan process is simple and straightforward, broken down into five main steps:

    1. Apply online
    2. We contact your law firm
    3. We review your case
    4. You sign a contract
    5. You get funds

    Let’s take an actual scenario to help you visualize the process better. Imagine a plaintiff, John Doe, who was injured by a dog and is now pursuing a lawsuit. After finding himself in financial difficulty due to medical expenses and lost wages, he turns to for help.

    John applies online through the funding application. Soon after, our team contacts his law firm to gather more information about the case. We then study the facts and assess the likelihood of a successful resolution. If we believe his case has merit, we go ahead and draft a contract for him to sign. Once John signs the agreement, we transfer the funds directly to him. It’s as simple as that! And, if – for some reason – John’s lawsuit does not succeed, he owes us nothing.

    Contact us at our toll free number ((866) 594-1343) or apply online to start this straightforward process today.

    Get $500 – $100,000 as soon as today

    We understand that if you’re applying for funding with us, you needed the funding yesterday. With your attorney’s cooperation, we can provide funding as soon as the same day you apply with us.

    What Can I Use the Money From My Lawsuit Loan For?

    If you’re a plaintiff with a lawsuit pending, and you’ve received a loan from, you may be wondering how you can use these funds. The simple and straightforward answer is that you can use this money almost any way you see fit. This flexibility allows you to focus on your legal case without having to worry about your finances.

    Often, plaintiffs use their lawsuit loan to cover living expenses. This could include rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, groceries, and other daily costs. It’s common for people involved in lawsuits to find these everyday expenses hard to meet, especially if they’re unable to work due to their case. A lawsuit loan can provide a financial safety net in these instances.

    Additionally, you can also use your lawsuit loan to cover medical expenses. If you’ve suffered a personal injury and you’re in the midst of a legal claim, you may have ongoing medical costs. These could be for medications, treatments, physical therapy, or other healthcare needs. Your lawsuit loan can act as a buffer, allowing you to keep up with these costs without sacrificing your standard of living.

    However, it should be clear that there is one instance where your lawsuit loan cannot be used, and that is the payment of litigation or legal case expenses. The funds from are for personal use, not for funding your legal battle directly. These restrictions are in place to ensure that the loan serves its intended purpose – giving you financial peace of mind while you wait for your case’s resolution.

    Most Common Personal Injury Claims we Fund in Iowa

    At, we fund a variety of personal injury claims in the state of Iowa. Here are some of the most common cases we handle:

    Car Accidents

    These involve injuries caused by automobile accidents. This can include situations where people are hurt while inside, entering or exiting the car.

    Commercial Vehicle Accidents

    These usually involve larger vehicles used for business purposes, such as trucks, bus and taxis.

    Roadway Accidents

    These deal with incidents that occur on the road, but not necessarily involving motor vehicles. Cyclists and pedestrians can also be victims.

    Premises Liability Claims

    These cases involve accidents which happen on someone else’s property due to unsafe conditions.

    Medical Malpractice

    This involves harm caused by healthcare professionals. Negligence and errors account for instances like incorrect diagnosis or improper treatment.

    Work Injuries

    Cases related to injuries that occur in the workplace.

    Slip and Fall Claims

    These types of lawsuits arise when a person falls and gets injured because of hazardous conditions that were overlooked.

    Dog Bite Lawsuits

    These relate to injuries resulting from dog bites or attacks. The owner can be held liable for not controlling the dog.

    Wrongful Death Claims

    These are lawsuits brought forward by loved ones after somebody’s death caused by negligence or wrongful act.

    Police Misconduct

    This involves situations where law enforcement officers violate individual rights.

    We fund almost all types of personal injury claims, so if your type of lawsuit is not listed above, do not hesitate to contact us and discuss your case. We aim to help as many individuals as possible with our lawsuit loans. Find more information or apply online at

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Why Choose for Legal Funding on Your Dog Bite Injury Legal Claim?

    There are a number of reasons to select as your provider for legal funding. We are proud to offer several key benefits to our clients:

    • Low, Simple Rates: Our rates begin at just 2.5% per month. Unlike other companies that may complicate their fee structure, our rates are easy to understand.
    • Fast Approval: With, you won’t be left waiting. We can typically provide approval on the same day your application is submitted. This means quicker access to the funds you need.
    • Capped Repayment Terms: We believe in fairness, which is why we implement a ‘capped term’ policy. This simply means that your interest stops accruing past a certain date. Even if your legal case extends beyond this point, you won’t be charged more.
    • Client-first Approach: At, we prioritize the needs of our clients. We strive to offer top-quality service and flexible funding solutions tailored to individual requirements. Whether you’re dealing with a personal injury claim or other legal issues, we’re here to assist.

    To learn more about how we can help, visit the funding application page, or give us a call toll-free at (866) 594-1343.

    Iowa Pre-settlement Funding FAQs

    In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions by Iowa residents regarding pre-settlement funding and dog bite injury claims.

    How much compensation can you get for a dog bite in Iowa?

    If you are bitten by a dog in Iowa, the amount of compensation you may receive can vary widely based on several factors. This could include the severity of your injuries, the cost of medical care needed, loss of income, and also pain and suffering. It’s important to understand each case is unique and will be evaluated on its own merits.

    How long does a dog bite injury settlement take in Iowa?

    A dog bite injury settlement typically depends on multiple factors including the complexities of the case, evidence collection, negotiating with insurance companies, and the legal process. It’s difficult to set an exact timeline. However, it can take a few months to even a couple of years to reach a settlement. Meanwhile, can help provide financial support through a pre-settlement loan while you wait for your lawsuit to resolve itself.

    Does Iowa have the one-bite rule?

    No, Iowa does not have the “one-bite” rule. This means that a dog owner can be held responsible for an injury caused by their dog, even if the dog has never bitten anyone before or shown prior signs of aggression. This is part of why a dog bite case can result in compensation for the victim.

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