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    What Are Commercial Vehicle Accident Loans in Oklahoma?

    Commercial vehicle accident loans are a type of pre-settlement funding that’s offered to plaintiffs involved in a case regarding a commercial vehicle incident. These loans are particularly beneficial for people who have been injured and are unable to work due to their injuries. They provide the much-needed financial support while they wait for their lawsuit to be resolved.

    It is important to understand that these loans are, essentially, non-recourse advances on a plaintiff’s future settlement. This indicates that if the individual does not succeed in their lawsuit, they are not obligated to repay the loan. The borrowing party only has to return the money if they win the case or achieve a settlement agreement.

    This kind of financial assistance allows plaintiffs to take care of their daily necessities, medical fees, and other expenses that could result in financial hardship. LawsuitLoans.io specializes in offering these loans to plaintiffs waiting for their car accident claims to settle.

    To learn more about this financial service, visit LawsuitLoans.io website or call them at (866) 594-1343. You can also start an application by visiting the LawsuitLoans.io funding application.

    How Lawsuit Loans Work

    Here’s how the lawsuit loan process works in three easy steps. The entire process can be completed within 24 hours with your attorney’s help.

    Telephone Icon - Starting the process is easy, just apply online or call toll free

    Apply Online or Call Toll-Free

    Apply online or call us toll-free at (866) 594-1343. Submitting your application takes minutes.

    Review Icon - We quickly review your legal case.

    We Review Your Case

    Next, we contact your law firm and collect basic information to review your case. Review only takes a few hours.

    Money Bag Icon - Once we approve your case, you and your attorney sign the contract and you get cash the same day

    You Receive Funds

    You and your attorney review and sign our funding contract. Once complete, you can have funds within hours.

    Key Information About Car Accident Loans in Oklahoma

    If you’re facing a personal injury lawsuit due to a car accident in Oklahoma and need an advance on your settlement, LawsuitLoans.io can help. Oklahoma has specific rules around loans for these cases, and our service is designed with these in mind.

    Average car accident loan amount by LawsuitLoans.io in Oklahoma $1,500.00
    Largest car accident loan by LawsuitLoans.io in Oklahoma $75,000.00
    Average interest rate in Oklahoma 20.0%
    Median personal injury verdict in Oklahoma $39,137.00
    Oklahoma statute of limitations 2 Years; Title 12 Ch. 3 Section 95
    Oklahoma fault laws Oklahoma is an “at-fault” or “tort” state, meaning the driver found to be responsible for the accident is liable for damages.

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Am I Eligible for a Commercial Vehicle Accident Loan in Oklahoma?

    If you’ve been injured in a car accident and seeking a lawsuit loan, there are certain criteria you need to meet. First and foremost, your case must involve a commercial vehicle. That’s because with these types of accidents, either a high insurance policy or self-insured entity is clearly involved.

    Beyond the specifics of your case, two other elements are critical for loan eligibility. First, you must have legal representation. But not just any attorney will do. Your lawyer needs to be working on contingency. A contingency basis means that your attorney only gets paid if they win your case. This type of attorney arrangement suggests a strong belief in the merits of your case. Therefore, it significantly boosts your chances of loan approval.

    Last but not least, you need to be at least 18 years old. Lawsuit loans are serious legal agreements. As such, you must be legally able to enter into a contract, which in Oklahoma is 18 years of age.

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    Input your requested funding amount and the time your case may take to settle here to see your savings and cost when you choose LawsuitLoans.io. While we sometimes offer interest rates as low as 2.5%, our calculator assumes an interest rate of 2.9%. This calculator is illustrative – please contact us for an instant, written quote for your request.

    Advance Amount:

    Months Until Settlement:


    Total Cost

    Pay as little as $2,631 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Your Savings

    Save as much as $1,697 on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.


    Percent Savings

    Save as much as 39% on a lawsuit loan of $10,000 if your case settles within 6 months of your advance.

    Commercial Vehicle Accident Loan Process in Oklahoma

    Commercial vehicle accident loans, often referred to as pre-settlement funding, provide financial lifelines to plaintiffs embroiled in litigation. This form of financial aid helps persons who’ve been injured in a commercial vehicle accident handle medical bills, rent, and everyday living expenses. Here is a simple breakdown of how the process works under LawsuitLoans.io:

    1. Apply online: The first step involves filling out an application on our website. This is an easy and straightforward process requiring minimal personal and case related information.
    2. We contact your law firm: Once your online application is submitted, we liaise with your legal representative to gather more details about your case.
    3. We review your case: After garnering all necessary details, our team of experts scrutinizes your case to determine if you qualify for a commercial vehicle accident loan.
    4. You sign a contract: When your application is approved, we finalize the contract spelling out terms of the loan agreement. This includes the amount you will receive and how it will be repaid.
    5. You get funds: Upon contract signing, the agreed-upon amount is transferred to you. The funding can be used to sort out immediate financial needs.

    To illustrate, let’s consider an example: John, an Oklahoma resident, was injured in a commercial vehicle accident. With mounting medical bills and unable to work, he applied for a commercial vehicle accident loan through LawsuitLoans.io funding application. The process was simple. We contacted John’s law firm, reviewed his case, and signed a contract with him. Soon after, he received the necessary funds to support him during this tough time.

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    How Much Money Can I Get From my Commercial Vehicle Accident Pre-settlement Loan?

    Lawsuit loans from LawsuitLoans.io can range anywhere from $500 to over $1,000,000. The amount we can advance depends on the value of your expected settlement. If your case is still in progress, we can provide up to a maximum of 25% of what you’re expecting from the settlement. However, if your case has already been settled, we can offer up to 50% of your expected portion.

    Let’s consider a real-life example. Suppose there’s a plaintiff in Oklahoma who got involved in a commercial vehicle accident. The estimated value of their claim is around $500,000, but the case is still ongoing and will not settle for a while. Generally, medical providers receive about 1/3 of the settlement amount, the attorney gets another third, leaving roughly $170,000 for the plaintiff. LawsuitLoans.io can provide an advance of around 25% of this amount, which would be $42,500.

    What Types of Commercial Vehicles are Frequently Involved in Cases we Fund in Oklahoma?

    When it comes to commercial vehicles, they take many forms and serve various purposes. Our funding cases often involve certain types of commercial vehicles. Here are a few common commercial vehicle types we often come across in our Oklahoma cases:

    • Semi-Trucks: These large vehicles transport goods across the country and are often in accidents due to their size, weight, and difficulty to maneuver quickly.
    • Delivery Vans: Popular among package delivery companies and couriers, they have become more prominent on roads due to the rise of eCommerce. They’re involved in cases due to their constant stop-and-start operations that could lead to accidents.
    • School Buses: Transporting precious cargo (our children), accidents involving school buses can result in serious injuries and significant legal claims.
    • Taxis, Uber or Lyft vehicles: These passenger transport vehicles, whether traditional cabs or rideshare services like Uber or Lyft, are frequently involved in traffic accidents.

    While these represent some of the frequent types of commercial vehicles in our nationwide funding cases, LawsuitLoans.io funds car accident claims involving any privately or commercially used vehicle. It is not solely limited to these listed vehicles.

    Get $500 – $100,000 as soon as today

    We understand that if you’re applying for funding with us, you needed the funding yesterday. With your attorney’s cooperation, we can provide funding as soon as the same day you apply with us.

    Major Cities we Serve in Oklahoma

    At LawsuitLoans.io, we value and respect all our clientele, regardless of where they reside. Our service reach extends nationwide, including all the cities in Oklahoma, especially its top 10 most populous cities. Here is a list of these key locations that we serve:

    1. Oklahoma City
    2. Tulsa
    3. Norman
    4. Broken Arrow
    5. Edmond
    6. Lawton
    7. Moore
    8. Midwest City
    9. Enid
    10. Stillwater

    If you are living in these cities or anywhere else in Oklahoma and have an ongoing legal case, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Our team at LawsuitLoans.io will be glad to help with your pre-settlement funding needs. You can also reach us directly through our toll-free number (866) 594-1343 or conveniently apply for funds through our online application located at LawsuitLoans.io funding application.

    Roadway Accident Cases we Fund in Oklahoma

    At LawsuitLoans.io, we’re committed to supporting you in your time of need. We fund almost any type of roadway accident claim in Oklahoma, providing the lifeline you need in your case settlement journey. Types of roadway accidents cases that we fund include:

    Get up to $500,000 with rates as low as 2.5% simple, monthly

    Oklahoma Commercial Vehicle Accident Funding FAQs

    Here we answer some of the most common questions asked by Oklahoma residents about commercial vehicle accident lawsuit funding.

    How much does it cost to get a commercial vehicle accident lawsuit loan?

    The cost of a lawsuit loan for a commercial vehicle accident can vary based on your specific case. There are no upfront fees or out-of-pocket expenses. The repayment happens only if you win the case or reach a settlement. For details on pricing, please visit our website or call us at (866) 594-1343.

    Do I qualify for a lawsuit loan on my commercial vehicle accident case?

    Eligibility requirements can differ from case to case. It generally depends on the strength of your case and the likelihood of winning a settlement. However, we strive to help as many people as possible. Fill out our funding application or give us a call to determine your eligibility.

    Can you get a loan on a commercial vehicle accident settlement?

    Yes, it is possible to secure a loan against a pending commercial vehicle accident settlement. This is known as a pre-settlement funding, and it’s designed to help plaintiffs cope with financial pressures while they wait for their case resolution. Learn more or apply for funding on our website.

    Does LawsuitLoans.io Directly Fund Cases in Oklahoma?

    While LawsuitLoans.io operates as a direct funder in most states it services, we act as a broker and originate funding requests to a select group of partner funding companies in Oklahoma.

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